Porter Cable C2002-WK Review

Porter Cable C2002-WK Review

A regular best seller on Amazon, the Porter Cable C2002 provides 150 PSI worth of power for a reasonable price tag. With 13 different accessories, it has the potential to power just about any household tool. Can such a cheap air compressor really power every air tool in your garage? Read on to find out.


For what it’s going to set you back price wise, 150 PSI is very impressive but it’s important to understand what this compressor will and will not do. If you’re looking to pump tires or power a nail gun, it’s a fantastic choice. But if you’re expecting industrial power, it’s going to fall short. Like all compressors, check the exact requirements of your favorite tools before you make your purchase.


If there’s one area where the C2002 really shines it’s in the portability department. Weighing just 34 pounds, it can easily be moved from one job to another without the use of wheels. It’s small size also makes it perfect for those who want a compressor but don’t really have space for one.


The C2002 comes complete with no less than 13 different attachments which considering the price is very generous. Provided a tool doesn’t need more than 150 PSI, chances are you can connect it without an additional purchase. The specific attachments are:

• 25 feet nylon hose.
• Blow gun and attachments
• Tire gauge
• Tire chuck
• Quick coupler
• Various plugs.
• Teflon tape


Overall, the C2002 appears well made. There’s no roll cage so it’s not really suitable for use on a construction site but for regular home use, that’s not an issue. I’ve had mine now for just over a year and apart from a few dings, it looks and acts like new. I have read a few Amazon reviews that suggested problems after a years use but I haven’t personally experienced them.

Customer Reviews

At the time of writing the C2002 has been reviewed enough times to prove that it’s a solid choice and offers a great value for your money. . Particular popular features of C2002 are it’s portable nature and surprisingly quiet operation. The negative reviews are a mix of durability complaints and wishing it was more powerful. The former is a reasonable complaint perhaps but the latter is bad shopping, not mad manufacturing.


In conclusion, the C2002 appears to deserve it’s best seller status on Amazon. It’s far from the most powerful compressor on the market but then again, it never claims to be. If all you want is a reliable, portable air compressor to keep your air tools in power, you’d be hard pushed to find a better product at a better price. It’s wide range of accessories also make it perfect for those who want a no fuss solution to their air related problems.

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