Senco PC1010 Review

Senco PC1010 Review

A regular fixture on the Amazon Best Sellers Chart, the Senco PC1010 is an ultra-portable air compressor designed for light DIY jobs. With a max PSI of just 125, it’s certainly not for everyone. But if you can deal with the lack of power, you’ll be rewarded with a compact design, low decibel levels and a very budget-friendly price.


For an air compressor for it’s affordable price tag, you know there has to be something wrong with it. And the big flaw of the Senco PC1010 is that it’s something of a wimp.

When running, max horsepower is 5 and it’s never going to see more than 120 PSI. If you’re looking for a compressor for industrial jobs, look elsewhere. It will however comfortably handle most home DIY jobs.

One good thing about a lack of power is that it typically leads to shorter pump time and I’m happy to report that the Senco PC1010 is no exception. It’s gone from zero to 120 PSI in just 28 seconds.


Weighing just twenty pounds, the PC1010 is one of the lightest compressors currently on the market. The well-designed handle is easy to carry and the compact design makes it ideal for those without a large garage.

The rubber feet are also a nice touch which allows you to use it around the home without scratching floors or tables.


My favorite feature of the PC1010 has to be the sound or lack of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it isn’t silent, you’re not going to forget you turned it on or anything.

But compared to most of its competitors, it’s something of a pleasure to use. I’ve used mine indoors multiple times and unlike other compressors, I never felt like I was torturing my neighbors.


Overall, the PC1010 appears well built and unlike many compressors at this price point, it has a reputation for being long-lasting. I haven’t owned mine long enough to judge but the customer reviews suggest a few years use.

It’s completely oil-free too so you can expect maintenance to be kept to a minimum. One small problem, however, is that it doesn’t come with a roll cage so a certain amount of care should be taken when transporting.


Reviews for the PC1010 are generally favorable. The most popular features with buyers appear to be its lightweight design and surprisingly quiet operation.


Overall, the PC1010 makes up for its lack of power by being ultra-portable and excellent value. You can see just from looking at it that it’s been built to last. And this is reflected in the positive customer reviews. It’s not for everyone. But if all you need is a compressor for light DIY jobs, it might be perfect for you. It’s low price also keeps it well within impulse purchase territory.

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